The Great American
                Novel Act 1:
                the danger Act 2: rising action Act 3: the ball Act 4: crisis Act 5: triumph the Franklinverse part 2, act 1:
                the new danger

Why this site exists

Fiction matters

To some people, fiction is just escapism. it lets us forget the real world. To others, like me, fiction is a simplified, symbolic form of the real world. Heroes are more heroic, dangers are more dramatic, and abstract fears become concrete monsters. Good fiction is the underlying principles of reality, packaged in an easy to remember form.

About me

Me when I was 16.

My name is Chris Tolworthy. I grew up reading the Fantastic Four.

For 28 years the FF developed a single story, and it was epic! Every issue mattered! I grew to care about these characters like they were real people. They grew and changed just as I did,

Then it all stopped.

Starting in 1989, history was thrown out. Stories no longer moved forwards. The multi year story was abandoned.

So I made this web site. I wanted to show why the original story was so wonderful.

As the years went by I realized I would never succeed. What I find wonderful, other people find dull. Oh well. Such is life. Everyone is different.

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You think I take comics seriously?
Wait 'til you see my other web sites!


The Great American Novel