The culture of Atvatabar is devoted to art and beauty. On our journey they show us many paintings. This is their living goddess, Lyone.

She is Kioram, chief port of Atvatabar. They take us there to see Lyone. The buildings are breathtaking.

Lyone is the symbolic head of Atvatabar and embodies all their values of truth and beauty. Even the king (who is elected, but then stays king for life) must kneel before the goddess.

The goddess and the king tell us all about Atvatabar, and we tell them about America. Lyone decides to accompany us on our tour of her nation. Everywhere she goes (carried, of course) thousands of soldiers salute her. Many of them wear flying harnesses and carry spears, like the men who spotted our ship.

Should we continue with the full tour? Or ask for just the short version? Or do something else?