We put away the art, and just talk. Lyone discusses the "twin souls", young couples who volunteer to live lives of self denial. The goddess herself is the greatest example of self denial, but I can see that the "twin souls" idea troubles her. Then I suddenly discover why.

We hear shouting, and a guard pulls two young people toward the goddess. They are twin souls, but the girl is pregnant! The boy shouts that these rules of self denial are unnatural and they never should have agreed to them! I can see that the goddess secretly agrees. But as goddess, she has to uphold the law, and the young couple must be punished. The lovers will be separated and jailed, and when the baby is born it will be adopted by somebody else. As the lovers are dragged off, Lyone looks so sad.

She says that once she had a twin soul. A young man she loved. She kept the rules, she never touched him. But he is dead now, and she misses him.

Lyone admires my freedom and wishes she could be like me. But what can she do? She is the goddess, the symbol of the rules. Her whole society relies on her to set the example. If she was seen to doubt then all the people who hate the rules would rise up. There would be civil war!

The poor woman seems so lonely. She is starting to shake. I think she is about to cry. I really want to hug her right now. But what would my girlfriend say?

My mind id in conflict! Back home I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend doesn't agree with me on everything, but I know that's normal. I want to do the right thing. Yet when I met my girlfriend I didn't know Lyone existed. Here is a beautiful goddess who is full of bottled up passion, she wants to be just like me, and right now she just needs a hug. Should I stay strong and not touch her? Or should I follow my feelings and give her a big hug? Or do something else?