With such low gravity, flying machines are easy. We enjoy a banquet on a flying yacht while the goddess points out beautiful scenery and historic landmarks.

Later we take a "sacred locomotive" (powered by electricity as far as I can tell) through a "holy city" carved into a mountain.

I know I keep mentioning the low gravity, but it explains so much of their culture. Such as their tall walking machines that would be absurdly impractical in our higher gravity world.

Their civilisation is very stable and peaceful, and involves large numbers of priests and priestesses. They devote their lives to self denial. This is one of many priestly processions we see along the way.

Finally we come to the heart of their religion and their culture: the "throne of the gods", a one hundred foot tower of solid gold, carved with images of gods, heroes, and scientific marvels.

Here we learn the idea that drives their religion: the doctrine of "twin souls".

Should we continue with the full tour and meet the "twin souls"? Or ask for just the short version? Or do something else?