We have the element of surprise. And our bodies are used to much higher gravity. Using the element of surprise, one of the crew leaps into the air!

One flying man escapes, but we capture the other one! We tie him to the ship and see what we can learn. His language is strange but doesn't sound too foreign... he turns out to be speaking a strange coded version of English! But he doesn't know anything about the surface world.

Looking closer at the flying suit, it's just a simple electric motor, and only lifts anything because the gravity here is so low. Also, his people don't have gunpowder. That's useful to know if it comes to a fight.

He tells us about his civilisation, which they call Atvatabar. I can see its shape in the sky above us. If my guess is right, we are directly underneath north America.

Atvatabar sounds amazing: a peaceful, advanced nation devoted to truth and beauty. He says his rulers will want to take us on a guided tour! I think he's serious: this is not a trick. Should we start the tour? He keeps mentioning a "living goddess". Should we skip the tour and just see the goddess? Or do something else?