I ask Utnapishtim's to explain more about immortality. To them it means sharing the same mind, and passing it on to other people.

"Have you noticed how the immortals, the gods or myself, always live far away? So you seldom see our faces? Because if we lived with you then you would notice that our faces grow old and we are replaced by the new generation. But we share the same mind, so we are the same person"

"But I don't want to grow old!"

"Life is change! Without change there is no life!"

"But your children are not you! You don't really share their thoughts!"

"I share SOME thoughts. All the thoughts that matter."

"But you don't know everything in their head!"

"I don't know exactly what the future me is thinking either. My future body, their body, what's the difference? Only our shared thoughts matter."

Should I just accept what they say? Or should I look for immortality through healthy living? Or find some magic potion to keep me young? Or do something else?