Naamah feels sorry for me. She tells me of a special herb that only grows at the bottom of the sea. It makes people feel young.

The plant is almost impossible to reach, so deep, and protected by strong currents. But I am Gilgamesh! I always find a way to win! I tie stones to my feet so I can sink to the bottom. The water crushes me, but I am strong! Then I use the currents to pull me back to shore. I have the plant! I showed them! This must be it: the secret of eternal life!

I am now ready to go home. I have won! I will find the best botanists in Uruk, and take this plant and they will make it grow! And every day I will eat from it and never die!

Should I go straight back to Uruk right now? Or take another look at the place where the flower grew, in case I missed anything? Or do something else?