I think healthy living the key to living forever. I am master of my body! I will prove it by staying awake for a week!

Naamah laughs at the idea. She says that bodies are weak and grow tired, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. But I will prove it! I am Gilgamesh! I have the world's most perfect body and an iron will!

At the end of the week Naamah has a really good laugh. She says that every day I fell asleep without realising. To prove it, every day she baked a loaf of bread and brought it in, and I didn't notice her, or the bread, or the lovely smell. This is terrible! I cannot be weak! I am Gilgamesh!!! She laughs again and says I shouldn't be so uptight..

Maybe she's right. Maybe I am uptight. Should I relax, stop thinking of myself, and be happy like them? Or should I find some magic potion to keep me young? Or do something else?