"I will never forget that terrible night! The raging fires! The floods! The storm! The screaming!"

"As you know, the Euphrates normally floods its banks in springtime, in the heavy spring rains. But this time was different. When the gods saw the storms burst, on the night of the highest flooding, they set fire to everything, and destroyed all the dams. As the historians said,

"Nergal pulled out the dams of the nether waters,
"Ninurta the war-lord threw down the dykes
"the seven judges of hell, the Annunaki, raised their torches,
lighting the land with their livid flame."

"The city was build of reed houses on a flat flood plain. So the fire and flood destroyed everything. Only the gods survived, watching from the one high point, the great temple. The raging torrents of water washed everything away. My ark slid into the river, and my family were the only mortals to survive."

Should I let him continue the story? Or ask why he now lives in Dilmun? Or forget the flood, tell me about immortality? Or ask something else?