Enlil caused the flood. When he heard I escaped he was so angry!"

"But Ishtar and the other gods were angry at Enlil: They didn't agree with genocide. The gods argued for ages. Enlil still wants to kill me in case I tell people what evil the gods did. Ishtar and Ea want me to live because I didn't do anything wrong, and they feel sick about all the killing."

"Eventually the gods reached a compromise. They let me live here in Dilmun, where nobody ever sees me. I can stay on one condition: that I never return. So the people of Uruk will not question the gods. When people think of me they will tell how I was saved because I obeyed the gods. That is the message the gods want to send."

This is all very well, but how does immortality work? And most important, how can I, Gilgamesh, become immortality? or should I ask something else?