"The ark rushed down the swollen Euphrates. Soon I was out of sight of land."

"For six days we drifted as the spring rains poured down. Four hundred miles! We were in the middle of the gulf. So all I saw was sea, as if the whole world had been flooded! "

"Finally the rains stopped. We hit an underground hill, or you could call it a sand bank. We didn't know how far we were from the mainland. So I released several birds. At first they just came back, because they had learned that we feed them."

"Eventually one flew farther than the others, and returned with a twig in its mouth: just over the horizon was land! We had arrived at Dilmun, the paradise of the gods!"

Should I ask why he didn't go north to Mt Ararat? Or forget the flood, tell me about immortality? Or ask something else?

TEXT CHOICE 1 TEXT CHOICE 2 Or do something else?