Higher intelligences:
Science progresses exponentially. So there will come a time when anything we can now imagine will be possible.

Meanwhile, the universe is extraordinarily large, and has had time for plenty of civilisations before us. So, somewhere out there, a life form has progressed to be able to do anything we can imagine. Some will exist outside our physical laws, and able to intervene as they wish (see the simulation argument for details).

The universe is an expression of mathematical laws, and ultimately of numbers. Numbers go on forever. So for every higher being there is a higher being behind them and so on.

Since these lives are infinite, the potential for growth is infinite. And choices are infinite. So at any given point, some choices will lead to more growth and reproduction than others. So we know that these higher beings compete for resources just as we do. And the more efficiently they use resources, the more they survive and grow. It follows that all resources will be used. Every grain of sand, every atom in space.

How will resources be used? As efficiently as possible. Then why do we seem to wander around at random? And why don't they intervene in ways that are obvious to us? Our most valuable role must be as experimental models. They are trying different ideas and want to see what we do.

But since they are using everything as efficiently as they can, don't be surprised if one day you notice that they are intervening, or were maybe here in disguise all the time and, or maybe a microscope reveals that every atom is stamped with a copyright label.

Or maybe we will never detect anything unusual, even though they are standing next to us, because they have something else in mind and fooling humans is really easy. The only genuinely crazy idea is that we can out-think them, as if an ant could out-think a human. But then again, ants seem to survive just fine, so anything is possible!

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