Pythagoras means "Pythios -agora". Meaning "the god of truth in the marketplace." Pythagoras is where we choose the best of all gods.

Pythagoras invented the term "philosopher", meaning "lover of knowledge". Before him people asked questions. But Pythagoras found the ultimate answer: "The principles of mathematics are the principles of all things" (Aristotle, Metaphysics 1:5). Thousands of years later, theoretical physicists proved him right: mathematics creates physics, which creates the universe.

But Pythagoras was more than a philosopher. He spent his life creating ideal communities. He loved music and animals. He made a better world.

Pythagoras taught reincarnation. So the true Pythagoras is not one individual, but the ideal that lives on. So "Theology 101" is about the spirit of Pythagoras, of a foundation in logic then actually living it to make a better world. It is not about what a particular person may or may not have said in the sixth century BC.

What is theology?
What is religion?
What are humans?
Why do things exist?
What is time?
Higher intelligences
The simulation argument
Anything else?