We continue our tour of Atvatabar, discovering the plants and animals. The people love the natural world. We walk through a cave where the solid rock is cut to look like a forest, with flowers and intricate stone leaves.

We see amazing birds...

... and animals.

These remind me of when Europeans first visited Australia, and found creatures like the duck billed platypus and the kangaroo, animals unlike anything they had ever seen before.

The plants and insects are different too.

Sometimes it seems hard to tell them apart. Many of the small creatures seem highly camouflaged. I suppose that in a world where it is so easy to fly from anywhere to anywhere else, and everything can be seen from above, camouflage must be essential for survival.

We could continue exploring this world forever. But I think we've seen enough for now. I am eager to talk to the goddess about the Twin Souls and why she looked so concerned.

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