I made it! I followed the path of the sun through the seemingly endless night! And I have reached the morning! The garden of the gods!

After twelve leagues of darkness I blink in the sunshine. I smell the sweet scent of flowers. There is Shamash, the sun god, tending the most exquisite blossoms. The gods always take the very best land, and this is their best kept secret. I must be close to the legendary land of Dilmun!

Shamash sees me, and knows why I am here. He says I will not find what I am seeking. I tell him that as a mortal I am no better than dead anyway. I must reach the edge of the world, find Utnapishtim, and learn the secret of immortality, or die trying. So I walk to the coast. To complete my journey and find Dilmun, home of Utnapishtim, I must follow the sun in its full circle back to the west.

Finally I reach the sea. I see the goddess Siduri, maker of wine. She does not recognise me in my rags and hunger. I tell her I am Gilgamesh! Mightiest of all warriors! And my friend Enkidu is dead, so my final battle is with death itself! She tells me men were designed to die. She says I should enjoy my life, not waste time in hopeless quests. But how can anything have meaning if it is destined to end?

She points me to the ferryman, the only man who can cross the sea to Utnapishtim. But she says he will not take me!

Should I try to persuade the ferryman anyway? Or since he is commanded to take nobody, should I use force? Or steal the boat and try to guess the route on my own? Or do something else?