I steal the ferryman's boat. But it contains no directions. And the sea is endless.

There is no hint of how to find the mythical land of Dilmun, home of Utnapishtim. I try to steer straight to the east, but I think a gentle current may be pushing me south into the endless ocean. It's hard to tell. There are no markers, no people I can ask, just water. Day after day, as far as the eye can see.

I try to steer west, but I must have drifted too far south. I try to row to the north, but I am too exhausted. I have no fresh water. My food ran out many days ago.

Perhaps the gods will take pity on me and I will somehow drift there? But no, that is forbidden. I defied the gods. And I lost. And so I sit here under the fierce sun. waiting to die. Too weak to even care.


Or is there anything else I can do?