I tell the scorpion men that since Enkidu died my life means nothing to me. So I must find the secret of life, or die trying. They nod and understand. They open the gates.

They tell me to continue following the path of the sun. "May your feet carry you safely home."

I find myself in a cave. As I walked farther the path grows darker. For every league I walk it grow darker still. Surely something is wrong! They told me to follow the path of the sun! Eventually the cave is totally dark! I can't see a thing!

How can this be the path of the sun?? Did the scorpion men send me to die? Is this some kind of test? Is it too late to turn back>? Am I in some kind of maze? Or am I about to walk off a cliff?? Should I turn back and find my own way through the mountains? Or carry on into the blackness? Or do something else?