I finally come to my senses. I don't want to be a god. But the gods say it isn't that simple. I still have to pay for what I did to the gods' trees.

The gods say there has to be consequences. If people see they can cut trees without dying, then the forest will not be safe. Somebody must die. And since I am too popular, and a half god (on my mother's side), they say it has to be Enkidu. Enkidu must die for cutting down the sacred trees!

Should I accept it? We both knew the risks. Everyone knows that if you touch the gods' tree you die. yes, I wish it was me instead, but we never claimed it was fair. The only way round that is to become a god. So should I carry on with my plan to force the gods to let me join them? But what will happen then? The gods hate me, they would think nothing of killing Enkidu anyway. Is there anything else I can do?