And so I got my wish. I forced them to accept me as one of them. I am Gilgamesh the god. But I never thought it would be like this.

My nightmare has come true. In a dream a mountain fell on me, and the world was burnt to ashes, and that is what happened.

Being a god is all politics. It means balancing other gods and kings against each other. And I don't know how. The other gods hate me for what I have done, and any moment I expect a sword in my back. They have already arranged for Enkidu to die in an "accident", just to punish me. And the kingdoms I try to guide? I'm not good at it. They all end up at war. As for the trees, I don't know how to run a forest! No kingdom has the wood they need. To keep order I have to be more brutal than Humbaba ever was, and nothing works. Because of me the world is descending into chaos, endless war and famine. I wanted to get to heaven. Instead I turned the world into hell.


What else I can do?