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The Idea

I propose that people keep the land value that they create. (Why.)

Why land? Land value is easy to measure, and land is the basis for most things we value: community, natural resources, beauty, etc.

The value of land is how much you can rent it for. Some of that value is added by the owner. I propose that the owner keeps every penny of that value they add: this means no tax on work, no tax on sales, no tax on buildings, no tax on anything you do.

But part of the value of land is its location: this is the value you could charge as rent for the bare ground: the "ground rent". This value exists purely because other people are nearby: the rental value measures the land's potential use by others. Since this value is created by society, regardless of what the owner does, then ground rent belongs to society.

The rest of this web site is what would happen if we let people keep the land value they create.

How to change.