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TEDAgame is always adding new stories:

Anything can be a story. A story is just a choice:

And when readers add their own choices, and improve other people's choices, it becomes a game! So if you think of a choice, post it on the blog, like this:

"Hey TEDAgame, here's an idea!"

story name: The Weird Kid

page: 1

text: I am at school and this weird kid asks me to marry him.


choice 1: listen to him? (Go to page 2)

choice 2: tell him to drop dead? (Go to page 3)

If you can't draw, it doesn't matter. This is about stories, not pictures. Just sketch something at Drawisland (or anywhere), save it, upload it to Imgur (or anywhere), and copy the link they give you.

Let's add a million stories

More stories means more visitors. More visitors means more stories.

The sky is the limit! But this is your game. What happens is up to you!

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