The boat was battered for what felt like days! But it's designed to break arctic ice, with a reinforced steel hull, and somehow we survived!

As the storm subsides we look around. And cannot believe our eyes!

The horizon... there is no horizon! The ocean slopes upward into the distance! We can see distant continents! We are on the inside surface of the planet!

Gravity is almost zero here - I bet we could jump higher than the ship! We are only held "down" by the centrifugal force of the Earth spinning! How can this be? Should I ask the ship's scientists to explain the science behind a hollow Earth?

The nearby continent looks inhabited. But will the people be friendly? We can also see a mountainous island that looks uninhabited. Should we sail closer to the nearby land mass? Or should we hide behind the island where people on the mainland won't see us? Or do something else?