Lyone is now in open defiance of her own laws. The news is spreading like lightning! All the people who oppose the old ways are ready to fight! Standing on my ship, with its big guns, we begin to realise what that means. The goddess of peace has chosen war!

Her followers are in confusion. So we go to Lyone's palace to gather support.

That turns out to be our biggest mistake. We hear the king has acted quickly and blocked access to our ship! And surrounded the palace with soldiers! With our ship they could level the city! (Because these buildings were designed for low gravity, not for explosive shells designed to smash icebergs!)

We have to get to the ship before they can use it. Should we fight our way through the soldiers? But they outnumber us a thousand to one! Or should we find some flying machines? But then we'll be easy targets! Or should we do something else?