I run as fast as I can toward the ship, but the air is so thin, and painfully cold! It's hard to keep awake!

My body is in agony. I am so close to the ship, but my legs barely! I try to scream to the sinking sun, Not yet! Not yet! but no sound comes from my mouth. There is little air in my lungs, and even less air outside on the frozen rocks. Through my feet I feel the vibration of the selenite drums - what are they planning?

Starved of oxygen, my body freezing, I begin to lose consciousness. I see strange swirling lights. The pain, and everything else, seems to fade. This must be what death feels like.

I feel like my body is in two parts: one part is filled with darkness and unimaginable pain, the other is filled with the comfort of death.

Should I choose the pain and try to carry on? Or choose death, the final end? Or do something else?