I nail down the plates, and keep heating them in different ways. Minutes later I hear an explosion!

The metal sheets somehow oppose gravity - everything on one side of them becomes weightless! The air is weightless- so it it is pushed strightupward by the surrounding heavier air. All the air above us, right to the edge of space, is shooting upwards! This creates a vacuum that sucks in even more air! It's creating a hurricane!

But I nailed down the plates, so the process never stops! And the hurricane sucks in objects from outside, smashing everything in their path!

If we don't do something, every drop of air will eventually leave the planet! All life will die! And I can't move the cavorite because it's nailed down!

Nobody can get close to the house because of the hurricane, with sticks and stones flying toward us at a hundred miles per hour! Nobody can hear me shout! I grab an uprooted fence post for protection! Somehow I manage to jam the post under the workbench, ripping it from the floor, turning it over!

At last it's over!

The hot Cavorite plates are facing downwards. The ground underneath is now weightless, but kept in place by the concrete floor and surrounding bedrock. I almost destroyed all life on Earth!!!!