The next thing I remember is being carried through an underground city.

I have no idea how much time has passed. Except that I seem thinner! We must have been unconscious down here for days! Or even weeks!

Uncle sees that I'm awake and he says he calculates it's over three Earth weeks. Almost a whole lunar day! The greater air pressure means we must be deep underground. He thinks the selenites who captured us are just suspicious frontier guards or uneducated farmers, and they put us unconscious, but miscalculated due to our alien biology. He thinks the 'real' selenites will be more friendly. Uncle's naive optimism will get us killed!

We're chained in a dungeon deep inside the moon. Our guards poke us with their spears. So much for Uncle's idea that selenites are friendly! Now what do we do?

Should I act tough? To show them we're not scared? The guards bring us food. Maybe we should eat it? Uncle thinks we should try to communicate. Or should we just keep pulling on these chains? Or should we wait it out and see what happens? Or do something else?