Psychology works! Instead of telling the experts my ideas, I ask them "is it possible to fire a missile - containing humans - to the moon?" Engineers love a challenge! Soon they are arguing among themselves. Within weeks we have the model gun that I wanted: a 900 foot iron tube!

The real gun would be much, much bigger. But this is just to test the theory. Inside we put a tin can, containing a cabbage and some meat, to represent humans. Add just the right amount of gunpowder, and boom! The can is miles away!

We try it a number of different ways, and each time recover the can and examine it.

And every time the contents are flattened into a mush. Nothing living could survive that acceleration. To keep the acceleration down we would need a gun over a mile long, but that's just impossible! What can we do?

Should we find some other way to reduce the force on passengers? Or focus on getting financial backing? Or do something else?