How can we miss the moon? Our gun was aimed so carefully! We piece together what must have happened. It was the asteroid!

The rock was so big, and we passed so close, that its weak gravitational field pulled us very slightly off course! We will miss the moon, and carry on into deep space forever. With no way to turn round!

Our only hope is the landing rockets. They weren't designed for navigation, they are just large fireworks, the kind you use at new year. But if we could somehow fire just one or two, just on one side? Perhaps that would push us a little in the opposite direction?

We discuss it and realise there are only two rockets we could use: a large one and a small one. (If we use any more then we won't have enough left to cushion our landing and we will die anyway).

Should we use the small rocket and risk it not being enough? Or should we use the large rocket? But what if the large rocket pushes us too far? If we hit the moon at the wrong angle we will all be killed. Or should we do something else?