I visit the gods, in their palace in the cedar forests. I tell them of Gilgamesh and his tyranny. I appeal to Anu, the sky god, as he rules the temple in Uruk. Gilgamesh has no limits! One day he will surely defy the gods themselves! He has to be stopped!

Anu debates with Enlil, god of storms, and Shamash, god of the sun. Also present are Ishtar, goddess of love and war, and co-ruler of the Uruk temple. And finally, Enki, the young god who most inspires mortals. They reach a conclusion. Deep in the forests lives a man who may be physically stronger than Gilgamesh: the greatest hunter in all history, Enkidu!

This is mind blowing! I am actually meeting gods! How is this even possible? Should I learn more about the gods? Or learn about the war between gods and men? Or just find Enkidu? Or do something else?