The gods do not all think the same. Although they act as one, the rise of mortal power has created serious disagreements in their ranks. We think we might Shamash, the sun god, on our side.

My mother is Ninsun, one of the lower gods. She can speak to Shamash, one of the higher gods. While most gods think human life is worthless, Shamash has said humans have unlimited potential.

Shamash is horrified by our plans, as the forest is his personal property. But I remind him, he gave us the idea of unlimited potential. Why did he give us that idea if he really wants us to remain the gods' slaves? He thinks about it and agrees. Shamash will guarantee safe passage through the forest until we meet Humbaba. After that we'll be on our own.

We are ready to begin our epic journey! Or do you want to jump ahead and cut to the action? Or do something else?