Gilgamesh is overcome with joy. All of his life he had been alone. Finally, here was a friend, a man like himself.

Gilgamesh had grown up being so much stronger than others that he had treated others with contempt. Suddenly he realised how sad he had been, how emotionally childish. His life had been empty until this moment. For the first time he was aware of another person. And it was the same with Enkidu. From that instant the two men were inseparable, the greatest friends who ever lived.

I can see Gilgamesh change before my eyes. He is like a newborn baby, seeing for the first time. And suddenly I see the world from his point of view. I recognise this feeling: I am becoming Gilgamesh!

What should Gilgamesh - I mean I - do now? Should I just try to be a good king, and lead my people in peace and prosperity? Or should I listen to my new found friend, and see what he wants? Or do something else?