Shamhat waits at the water hole for three days. Eventually Enkidu shows up. And Shamhat uses her woman's arts to trap the hunter!

Some people think this is just about sex, but an alpha male like Enkidu could get that anywhere. No, Shamhat is far more than that. As the top temple worker, she knows everything that makes civilisation pleasurable, and is qualified to teach it all.

Shamhat spends seven days with Enkidu, civilising him: teaching him the full range of pleasures available. After seven days of being educated by Shamhat he no longer wants to live with animals, he wants to live in the city!

I am having second thoughts about this. Shamhat has presented a very one sided picture of city life, and Enkidu was perfectly happy before. Could he ever be happy living between four walls? Should I tell him to step away and think about it before deciding? Or just run! run away! or you will never return to the forest! Or follow Shamhat and become civilised? Or do something else?