I made a fire in the woods. But the forest was thick and the weather was dry, and the undergrowth started to burn. Soon the forest was ablaze!

All the time that I built the fire I had to fight off Morlocks. But now everything is aflame the Morlocks run in every direction! In the confusion I no longer know which direction leads out of the forest! We all run in panic, I bump into Morlocks, they bite and kick, but are blinded by the light and fear! And worst of all, I can't see Weena anywhere!

When the flames die down I search but can't find her. Though I do find a small hill in the forest, so I can see my way out. The Morlocks might have taken her into their tunnels in the museum. Should I enter their tunnels and try to find her? Or sadly accept that it's too late, shed a tear, and go back to the other? Or do something else?