I reach a large hallway. And in the middle are tables full of meat... is this what becomes of the Eloi?

It's hard to see with just one match, but there seem to be big machines at the edges of the room, making a"thud, thud" sound as they work. Are they just pumping air down the shaft? Or doing something else?

I only have four matches left. Just enough to get back, But what if the time machine is in the next tunnel? Should I keep looking for the time machine? Or should I go back while I can? But what if this my only chance? What if I can't find matches or fire for a return journey? And now they know I might come down here, what if they move my machine far away? Or what if I mis-judged the directions and it's nowhere near? When these matches are gone then I'm dead! I have to decide! Or do something else?