I try to ask the people about these holes, and the creatures who live down there.

I use all the words I know, and point and gesture. I am sure they understand what I am asking, yet they refuse to come near. They seem agitated, but it's like they refuse to let themselves think about it! I wonder if their ancestors were so used to ignoring what goes on down there, that now it's just unthinkable, a forbidden topic, it has no place in their world view... But I did learn that two things. First, these child-like people call themselves "Eloi", and the people below are called "Morlocks". And second, they love my matches! The idea of creating light in darkness is the most exciting and wonderful thing to them!

Should I promise to strike more matches if they will tell me more? Or should I climb down the well and fight the Morlocks? Or should I see if I can find anything to help me on the surface world? Or do something else?