I push the lever even further forwards! The years pass faster and faster!

I watch trees quickly grow, disappear (chopped down I presume) and more trees grow! Buildings rise and fall! Forests grow and shrink! I'm inside a building again, but the windows are large so I can see out easily. Then the building is gone again. Some of the buildings look enormous. I don't notice any change between winter and summer - has the climate changed? This is so exciting! Intoxicating! I want to see more and more!

I suddenly realise that the ground level rises and falls depending on what is built and what happens in nature. if I am not extremely careful, when I slow down I might feel my legs merge into the ground, my molecules will mix with concrete or earth and I will die! but I have to slow down if I ever hope to turn around! Should I slow down and hope I can avoid dying? Or should I keep moving into the future? Or do something else?