As you know, we only experience the present. We never experience "other times" except in our imagination. We "feel" or "experience" nearby times - like recent pain or future worry - because those times are so similar to us that they are easy to imagine. But the more you understand, the further into the past or future your mind will experience. Why? Because your mind understands those shapes and their connection to you! All experience is in the brain, not the outside world! Think what that means! Think! Think!!

Now imagine: what if I found a way to bring a distant reality into your brain, in such a perfect way that you experienced it the same way you experience the reality one microsecond from now? In other words, what if I could connect those time shapes to your time shapes? Universal time shapes that exist everywhere: like the path of the sun across the sky, or, for humans, the time shape of a boat

So here's my plan: build a machine that embodies the most universal, most repeated time shapes, in a way that connects everything, everywhere. By tuning that collection I could take you to any point in time! And back again! It would be a time machine!

For years I've been fine tuning this: studying history and science for the most fundamental time shapes of all, particularly those that connect with human brains: then tuning, adjusting, combining, re-tuning them until they open the gates of time itself! A machine that embodies not just the movement of the sun, or of boats, and fundamental time shapes like spheres, parabolas, and waves!

The hardest part was maintaining simplicity. Because the simpler an idea is, the more easily it connects to other ideas! You will say such a time machine is too simple to be real. Just as people say the universe cannot really be made of fundamental physical equations. The hardest thing in the world is to simplify the world. And yet I have done it! Here it is: my plan for the world's first universal time machine!

I still need to improve it, to make it work reliably, but it's almost there. Through this machine, my mind can connect to the time shapes that link everything. By adjusting the shapes of the controls, I travel those shapes to any time I choose. I will experience those times, and those times will experience me. Then, by readjusting the controls I can bring these ideas back to my time - and where ideas go, physical objects must follow. With this machine, anything is possible!

Should I go into real depth about the nature of time? I might become sidetracked, and forget all about the time machine! Or should I tell my friends? Or should I start building the machine? Or do something else?