I hit the curate hard with the handle of a meat chopper. I was sorely tempted to use the sharp side!

But the Martians heard him shouting. Tentacles come in! They know how to open the door!

For a while it feels the curate's face. It must think the man was alone, and cried out before he died. They only want fresh blood, so the tentacles keep exploring. One brushes my foot! I have to bite my tongue to stop from screaming!

Eventually the tentacles leaves. I stay in the house for another day. And another. The food is all gone, and I stop hearing noises outside. Am I going deaf? Have they left to attack another part of the country? Or are they waiting for something? In the silence they are sure to hear me!

Should I have another look outside? But what point is there? The Martians will be everywhere! I can't keep hiding forever. Should I just step outside and accept my fate? Or do something else?