Over the night we extremely carefully move tiny pieces of broken plate, one inch at a time. By the morning we have a path to a tiny hole in the door, where we can see out.

Another cylinder fell next door, destroying the house! Other tripods have gathered to protect it! The Martians have made their mechanical crab thing and it's building yet more tripods! We don't dare make a noise now, or try to leave the house, or they'll know we're here!

I get a really good look at the Martians. Their bodies are little more than brains with eyes, simple mouth and tentacles attached. They don't need stomachs as they suck blood right into their own blood stream. Machines take the place of their arms and legs. Since machines do everything they probably sanitise everything, so never get dirty. I even see a baby Martian being born: it buds off its parent like a polyp. And I see a kind of red weed everywhere. The seeds must have come from Mars and it grows incredibly quickly.

Should I try to dig a tunnel and emerge a long way from the Martians? Or should I just wait and hope that one day they leave? Or do something else?