I should probably explain my name, Axel.

"Axel" comes from the Scandinavian "Ans-ketill", meaning "God's cauldron". Which is appropriate because the aliens are like gods, and I'm right in the middle of their fire!

(And whenever my uncle makes a mistake I like to remind him that his surname, Lidenbrock, is from the Dutch "leiden brok" meaning "lead chunk")

Some people think I'm "Axle", because I think the world revolves around me.

Maybe that's true: some of my decisions do change the course of history. But that is true for you as well. Remember this: a decision to not get involved is still a decision. Every day you have the chance to get involved, or not. The future of the world could be very different - if you choose.

Oh, and one more thing.

Our adventures have been adapted into some very famous books. But authors have to make a living, so they often change the names and other details, to sell more copies.

But what you are reading here is the original version. I'm not a great writer, but what you see here is true.

Maybe I should explain the dates and places? Or should I keep watching the skies for alien invasions? Or do something else?