The first few years were amazing! Massive trade, kept secret from the public, but known to the governments. The sharing of scientific discoveries on both sides leads to massive economic growth! And then...

...we began to pay the price for our greed and ignorance.

America is so much more powerful than Atvatabar, and our people physically so much stronger due to the higher gravity, that we begin to strip their world of everything of value. Other nations want a bigger piece of the pie. A world war is inevitable.

Grauben says she understands. This is how the Martians will destroy us! Not through guns, but by unleashing our own greed and hatred!

And I am just as bad. I forgot Grauben, my girlfriend. I thought I might "trade up" to a prettier, wealthier model. The Martians are smarter than we are. They know our weaknesses. We need to find them! And if necessary, change human nature itself!

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