Shamhat explains her job running the temple:

"The temple is a great big house where we learn how we should all live together and work together. It's mostly run by women, because traditionally men go out and hunt as lone individuals or in small groups, whereas women work together near the home. So the whole concept of living together in cities is a feminine one: it's about a big house for all where we all cooperate like one big family. I teach people to keep the rules for beauty and harmony, which we show by making offerings to the gods.

"The home is also the natural place to kiss and cuddle, so a lot of that goes on in the temple: the message is that civilisation is about pleasure! And that is a woman's art!

You could say that Enkidu, as the hardened lone hunter, is a male stereotype, whereas I, as the gentle temple teacher, am the female stereotype. So I plan to get together with Enkidu and teach him the woman's way!

Should I ask Shamhat to remind me about the temple? Or just watch and see Shamhat work her magic with Enkidu? Or do something else?