I walk round the sea shore, but don't find any other strange plants. Then as I sleep, disaster!

A water snake grabs the plant and disappears into the ocean! I dive in but I can't see him! I lost the magic plant!

For hours I stare at the space where it was. And I realise, it would have never made me happy. I look at the other plants. There are millions of them. If one dies it does not matter. They share the same nature. They fill the world. That is happiness. I think of how Enkidu loved plants and nature. He was happy because back then he never thought of himself. And now Now Enkidu lives on through me.

I need to get back to Uruk. To live on through the 'plants' in my own 'garden', the people of my beloved city. We will live forever as a group, or not at all.

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