And now, at long last, I want the secret of life! I demand that Utnapishtim explains immortality!

"My wife and I became immortal when the gods touched us on the forehead and said we could live with them. A that moment all worry left us. This is what immortal means: to know that you will always be safe and happy, and so will your children, and your children's children forever."

"We forget ourselves as individuals, and live through our children. That is the great secret!"

"So your children live, not you?"

"My children are my life! They are all I think about! They are my identity"

"But they are not your body!"

"My children grow from my body! Don't you know how babies are made? They are an extension of me!"

I came all this way for this? Should I keep listening? Or should I look for immortality through healthy living? Or look for some magic potion? Or do something else?