They just love the light from matches! Every time I want an answer I just promise to strike a match!

Match by match I ask questions and gesture, and they reluctantly indicate answers. The truth is more horrible than I imagined. The Morlocks don't just feed and clothe the Eloi, they eat them! The Eloi are farm animals to them! Much as ants farm aphids! The big buildings where the Eloi eat and sleep, are basically barns! The Morlocks only come out at night, and that is when they take the Eloi to slaughter! No wonder the Eloi are terrified of shapes in the night, and try not to think about these holes, from where the Morlocks come! And that's why they love these matches of mine: the Morlocks hate the light, and are especially afraid of fire! But in finding this out, I have used all but one of my matches.

As for my time machine, yes, the Morlocks would have taken it because they love machines. And no, I cannot get it back, because they will see me as just a large Eloi, just food: and they would automatically fight me, and they are stronger than me. My only hope would be to have matches.... and I have only one left. Then I notice something. Weena is not here! I use my last match to make them tell me the unspeakable truth: the Morlocks took her!

Should I enter the Morlocks' world and try to rescue Weena and my time machine, or die trying? Or should I search the surface world for some way to make fire, or some other technology? Or do something else?